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Free Fall Field Rental

September 4th – October 31st

Bring your team in for a free field rental this fall! Enjoy the field for 50 minutes to have a team party, run drills, scrimmage or even just kick around. Adult and youth teams of all ages are welcome. You must have a minimum of 10 players on your roster before we contact you to schedule your field time.

Fields are available on a first come, first serve basis. Limited availability. Reserve your spot today!

Directions For Team Managers

  1. Click on the “Register Today” button below and sign into DASH or create an account if you haven’t already
    • Click “Registration” in the top navigation
    • Click “Teams and Leagues”
    • Click “Register a Team” if you are the team manager. If you are not, please contact your team manager
    • Choose either Redmond, Magnuson, or Mill Creek. To choose Issaquah or SODO utilize the “Comments” section
    • Choose Free Fall Field Rental 2018
    • Choose Adult Team or Youth Team
    • Choose a new team and enter name or choose a roster from previous seasons to export over
    • Click “Next”, your team is now created! Click “Go To Team Page”
  2. Invite your teammates! Remember, a minimum of 10 players are required on your roster before we can schedule your field time.
    • From the team page click on the “Invite” button
    • Enter all of the email addresses of your teammates, separated by a comma
    • Click “Send Invitation”
  3. Once your roster has 10 players we will contact you within 72 hours to schedule your session!
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