Dear Arena Sports, Issaquah Fitness & Magnuson Athletic Club Family,

We miss you! Thank you for your patience over the past 8 months, and likely, the next 6.  We are writing today to share some positive information.

We have had zero incidents of COVID-19 transmission at our 5 Arena Sports locations and 2 fitness facilities since the start of the pandemic – that includes both customers and 500+ employees. If a viral transmission at our facilities were to occur, it would likely affect those who spend the most time at our facilities interacting with the most people – our staff. And yet we have experienced zero viral transmissions. We have had 1 full-time and 3 part-time staff test positive; however, contact tracing determined they were infected outside of work. Those employees let us know immediately of their test results and went into quarantine. In each of those cases, not a single customer they came in contact with tested positive after their interactions.

The pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on gyms and recreational facilities nationwide. Many local businesses have closed their doors permanently. We personally have had to furlough nearly all of our employees due to the recent shut-down of indoor recreation and fitness facilities by the government. This mandate occurred despite the fact that there is significant evidence to support the mental health benefits and immunity-boosting effects of physical exercise and no sufficient data to support the notion that gyms and indoor recreation facilities have been a source of widespread viral transmission. In fact, there are several studies to the contrary (see below). 

Arena Sports is part of the Washington Fitness Alliance (WFA), a group of nearly 300 fitness-oriented businesses who are working with Washington state elected officials to promote the safe reopening of businesses in the fitness and recreation industries. WFA has put together an email template that our customers can use to help us make the case for reopening these essential resources for fitness and play to Washington state elected officials. If you are willing, please help us out by submitting an email using the template provided. We appreciate your support!

View Return to Play Email Template

Stay safe and healthy over the coming months. We’ll keep you posted as we get more details on when we will be allowed to reopen. And we want to reassure you that when we do open our doors, it will be in the safest way for our customers. 

Thank you for 25 years of fun and fitness! 

Don and Karen Crowe
Owners – Arena Sports, Issaquah Fitness & Magnuson Athletic Club