Talk with a Party Expert!

Schedule a 30-minute phone call with a party specialist to go over party package details – dates, activities, food, pricing, and more!

To schedule a party at our Mill Creek location contact us at 425-341-7050 or [email protected].

  1. Choose location.
  2. Select the date and time to speak with an Arena Sports Party Specialist.
  3. Provide the required contact information and you are all set!

If for any reason you cannot speak during your booked appointment, we ask that you cancel or reschedule your reservation to open a spot for another customer. Please refer to your confirmation email and select the ‘Cancel’ or ‘Reschedule’ button.

You will immediately receive a confirmation email with your booked appointment details, in addition to a reminder email 24 hours before your phone call.

​An Arena Sports Party Specialist will call you within the first 5-minutes of your booked appointment. They will be discussing dates, pricing, activities, and all other things related to birthday parties. Feel free to use this time to ask other questions!