About Moe’s Kitchen

Meet Tyler Chamberlin, Chef at Arena Sports’s restaurants, Moe’s Kitchen

We recently sat down with Tyler for a Q&A session and wanted to share a bit about who he is and what inspires the 5-star food at Moe’s.

Two photos of chef Tyler Chamberlin hard at work in Arena Sports's in-house restaurants, Moe's Kitchen.

Q: What makes Moe’s Kitchen special? 

We make as many “in-house” items as possible and use fresh, local ingredients when available. At our Mill Creek location, our pizza dough is made fresh daily, we have hand-pressed burgers made with locally raised beef (an 80/20 blend of chuck and brisket), and we offer house-made dressings and sauces. I focus on making flavorful dishes and use ingredients that pair well together. 

Q: What inspires you when creating the menu for Moe’s Kitchen? 

I like coming up with creative ways of doing familiar things and I try to appeal to a larger demographic, offering something for everyone (from children to foodies). I want people to have a good, consistent meal every time they come here.  

Q: What is your favorite dish at Moe’s Kitchen and what drink would you pair it with?

It’s hard to pick just one! My favorite pizza is the Prosciutto and Mushroom; favorite app is the Tater Tot Nachos; favorite salad is the Maple Salad and favorite burger is the Blue Cheese Burger. I pair them all with a good IPA, which goes well with pretty much everything. 

Q: What cooking experience did you have prior to coming to Moe’s?

I completed culinary school at Edmonds Community College. Prior to coming to Moe’s in 2018, I spent most of my career as a chef at two restaurants: Shell Creek in Edmonds and 35th Street Bistro in Fremont. At Shell Creek, we cooked most of our food in a wood-burning oven, including our pizzas. This is where I started making my scratch pizza dough, which I’ve honed over the years and am now using at Moe’s. At 35th Street Bistro, we made our own pasta, bread and meats and even did some molecular gastronomy and sous vide items. 

Q: Tell us about yourself outside of work.  

A: I grew up in Lynwood and went to Meadowdale High School. I am married to my wife Megan and we have 4 kids: Emma (20), Tyven (12), Calliope (8), and Paxton (4). WIth 4 kids, I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies, but I do play in a men’s basketball league.