Ropes Course & Zipline at Arena Sports Mill Creek

Good news — the Ropes Course is now open! Bring in the family to burn off some energy and safely socialize with friends. We have put several modifications in place and added strict cleaning protocols to ensure we are opening in the safest way possible for our customers.

Noted Modifications for Ropes Course

  • Limiting the numbers of participants to 15 at a time
  • Cleaning slings and harnesses after each use
  • Other Facility Protocols

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Tuesday – Closed
  • Wednesday-Friday – 4pm-8pm
  • Saturday-Sunday – 10am-8pm


  • Ropes Course – $16 per person
  • Climbing Walls – $11 per person (for 10 climbs)
  • Combo – $21 per person

Arena Sports Mill Creek’s ropes course, Sky Trail®, is an aerial attraction that is engineered for safety and designed for fun. The attraction consists of elements like suspended bridges, cargo nets, rope ladders, a zipline, and more! Your safety is upheld with a full body harness and redundant slingline, which is inserted into the overhead track keeping you connected at all times. The ropes course is an adventurous rush as you move along at your own pace. It’s an activity that combines family, fitness and fun!

Any participant under 48″ tall must be guided by a parent or chaperone. Under any circumstances, if a participant does not fit the harness, then they will not be able to participate. 

Sky Trail® is great for any occasion: drop-in, birthday party, team building activity, corporate event, etc.

Sky Trail Features

  • 180° Zipline
  • Rope Ladders
  • Various Stylized Bridges
  • and more!

Climbing Walls are available too!

At Arena Sports Mill Creek, Clip ‘n Climb® is a fresh take on the world of traditional climbing. With an auto-belay system, Clip ‘n Climb® provides visitors with a variety of vertical activities all ranging in difficulty and each offering a unique experience. The inventive climbing walls each feature a different challenge and appeal not only to children, but to adults looking for fun. Customers soon become loyal to Clip ‘n Climb® as they find themselves enjoying both the physical test and the unforgettable experience that this activity provides.

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