Virtual Reality at Arena Sports Mill Creek

Experience gaming like never before through Virtual Reality! You and your friends will embark on an exhilarating adventure in a new dimension filled with wonder and joy. Just put on the HOLOGATE headsets and all of you will be transported into our immersive world of Virtual Reality where you’ll battle a zombie apocalypse, fight like samuris, or even challenge each other with virtual snowballs! Our exclusive multiplayer games are easy to learn and hard to master. Play together as a team or challenge your friends to a player vs. player competitive match.

All ages are welcome to play, making Arena Sports Mill Creek a family-friendly destination for everyone.

  • Purchasing Attractions

    We’ve got a new, streamlined process for purchasing attractions at the Family Entertainment Center.

    Beginning June 27th, instead of waiting in line to buy attractions at the front desk, you’ll go to the kiosks to purchase sessions of laser tag, Inflatable FunZone, ropes course, climbing walls, mini golf, and mini bowling. (Standard bowling will still be purchased at the front desk.) Watch this short video to see the new process.

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  • Hours of Operation

    • MON-SUN: 10am-8pm
  • Pricing

    • $9 per person (swipe your arcade card to play)

Choose your Battle!

Fight hordes of robot zombies with your teammates in a last stand against a rogue computer virus in the middle of an old, dark, abandoned power plant. Watch out for zombies falling from the ceiling, flying over your head, and sprinting right at you! Collect ammunition power-ups by shooting at drones if you really wanna show these zombies who’s boss. Save the day by destroying the giant zombie mech who will stop at nothing to annihilate you and  your entire squad. Shoot at your teammates to revive them should one of you succumb to the Zombyte virus. Will you survive?

Stand side-by-side with your teammates as you fight off hordes of evil robot drones, spiders, and ninjas in this futuristic neon landscape. Watch out for smaller explosive robot crawlers and try to avoid the flame of the giant robot dragon flying above you! Check the beam of light in the center of your base for ammunition upgrades. Shoot to collect them and click the large circular button on your controller to use them. Save the day by destroying the giant robot dragon before he blasts your whole squad away! Shoot at your teammates to revive them should one of you succumb to the robotic onslaught. Can you take them all?

Played with two teams of two, each team starts at one end of the playing field on floating platforms suspended high above a mountain range. Aim your gun at a floating platform in the distance and hold the trigger to teleport to that platform. Stay at these platform bases long enough and they will change color to match your team. Jump between platforms and shoot down the other team before they can collect more of these bases for themselves. Look for ammunition power-ups popping up during the game to hit the opposing team even harder. Whichever team has the most bases lit up and gets the most eliminations by then end of the round is the winner. Just don’t look down!

Wielding the pink glove in your right hand and the orange in your left, punch brightly colored orbs and deflect light beams as they fly toward you synced to the music. Duck and jump side to side to dodge laser beams as these will lower your final score should you touch them. It’s hard to not get into the groove on this one! Six songs currently available with easy, medium, and hard difficulty available for each song.

Each player starts off in their own small wooden fort in their corner of a frozen lake. Shoot snowballs at the arrow buttons in your fort to slide in that direction. Collect coins and aim at the penguins for extra points and ammunition power-ups. Try to get close to the other players and blast them away with snowballs! Duck down in your fort to avoid any snowballs shot your way. Try not to upset the Yeti, though. He may get up on his igloo and start shooting snowballs at everybody! Who will win the ultimate snowball fight?

*Most child-friendly game.

Are you ready to play?

  • This attraction is purchased with an arcade card, making it available for both members and nonmembers to enjoy the fun.
  • The gaming system cannot be reserved for any reason.
  • To play, just see the VR staff or hosts at the front desk.
  • Each game is 5 minutes long, not including time for set up and instructions. 
  • We suggest children over the age of 5, but as long as children can wear the headgear and hold the gun controller comfortably they are welcome to play!
  • Glasses fit inside the headgear, so you are welcome to keep them on if need be. Glasses may get smudged.