League Reschedule Process

In order to help you manage rescheduling games, we have created “Reschedule Blocks” in the calendar that all managers can view online. There is no cost associated with moving a game. We recommend you look at your schedules in full at the beginning of the session.  Prime reschedule spots will be used and if you wait until later in the session, there won’t be much available.  

Below are the four steps needed to reschedule a game:

1.  Check the daily facility schedule to the right,

  • Click on “Search Options
  • Under the location drop down box select your desired facility
  • In the “Event Type” menu select “Rescheduling Game Time” to see what’s available
  • Find THREE possible block times labeled “Reschedule Blocker” or “Rental/Reschedule Blocker” 

2.  Send an email to the opposing manager* and to the appropriate League Coordinator stating that you need a game rescheduled. Include in the subject: “Need to Reschedule “Team Name” game on Date/Time. *Manager contact information is emailed to all team managers/coaches at the beginning of the season.

Adult League Coordinators:
Redmond – [email protected]
Issaquah – [email protected]
Magnuson – [email protected]
SODO Seattle – [email protected]

Youth League Coordinators:
Redmond – [email protected]
Issaquah – [email protected]
Magnuson/SODO – [email protected]
Mill Creek – [email protected]

3.  Please let the opposing manager and your League Coordinator know your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for dates/times that you’d like to move the game to. The opposing manager can decline the request and accept a win via forfeit or agree to one or more of the dates. (All subsequent email correspondence should be sent via “reply all”).

4.  The accepting manager should finalize the process via “reply all” and include in the Subject Line: “Accept (or Reject) Reschedule Request” and include the day/time of the accepted game. If rejected, a forfeit will be recorded. The team that did not initiate the request may keep the original game slot for practice time if the game is not rescheduled.

Reschedule requests approved by both team managers MUST be received by the League Coordinator no less than 72 hours prior to game day/time. Any requests made within 72 hours are not guaranteed. This is on a first come first serve basis. GAME DAY RESCHEDULE REQUESTS WILL RESULT IN A 3-0 FORFEIT TO YOUR OPPONENT.

Please Note: Until your game is officially rescheduled, available times are not guaranteed to be available, as other teams or Arena Sports customers may book the time slot at any time until both coaches confirm and the time is scheduled.

Scheduling Policy FAQs

We will do our best to schedule as many of your games at your HOME facility. 

Only after the team deposit is paid, do we schedule your first game. So make sure your team has its deposit paid so we can get you scheduled! Initially, we schedule only the first game of the season to allow each team time to form and arrange payment right up to the first game.

Full scheduling of the rest of the season begins the day after your league starts, so please be patient. Only after we have confirmed payment by teams for the first game, are we confident enough to schedule the rest of the season. If we tried to schedule earlier, we’d have to inconvenience you with frequent reschedules of games for teams that have dropped out.

The earlier we get team deposits, the earlier we can start planning and working to eliminate double headers, off-night games and byes. However this is not a guarantee, for some of our leagues off-night games are necessary.

At your first game, the team balance must be down to $0. Payments must be made before the start of your game to avoid a forfeit. No exceptions!

Just ask us, and we will do our best to find additional players for your team.

Please let us know as soon as possible. Even if your team is not returning, we can register those players who still want to play for a Free Agent/ House team or merge your team with another team needing players.

Free Agent/House teams are first come, first serve, so the first 12 players to pay their full registration fees are reserved spots. (Remember that for Co-ed teams, only the first six (6) male and six (6) female paid players are reserved spots!) Register here

All schedule requests must be submitted at least one week before the season starts. We strive to accommodate each request, but cannot guarantee any request will be granted. At times, requests are contradictory, so we must find a solution that assures all teams are treated fairly.

* Adult Leagues Only