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School’s Out Camp

Arena Sports offers fun, flexible camps for kids ages 3 to 12 years. When school is out this, bring the kids to Arena Sports Camp! Our year-around camps are flexible, offering full and half-day options as well as full or partial weeks. Even a single day of camp will be a delightful treat for your child. With an endless supply of fun, kids will be active and burning energy all day.

*Free Early Drop-off: 8am – 9am free play on the field at Magnuson and free play in the inflatable FunZone at Redmond and Issaquah. Organized activities start at 9am.

Late Pick-up available upon request, 4:30pm – 6:00pm, $2.50 per 15-minutes per child.

Upcoming Camp Dates

  • Summer Camp – June 25 – August 31
  • Summer Camp – June 21 – August 31

Arena Sports Camp Supplement Form 

  • Summer Camp – June 25 – August 31
  • Summer Camp – June 18 – September 4

Arena Sports Camp Supplement Form

  • Summer Camp – June 20 – August 31
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You call the shots with the Flex Pass and choose which days your child attends camp to help you juggle crazy school schedules

Camp Activities:

  • Soccer
  • Capture-the-flag
  • Dodgeball
  • Inflatable FunZone
  • Kickball
  • Swimming
    (Offered at Issaquah Summer Camp. Child must pass swim test. During Summer Monday & Friday 2-3pm)
  • Spike Ball
  • Gaga Ball
  • Bowling*
  • Laser Tag*
  • Arcade*
  • and more!

*Mill Creek only

Camp FAQs

The should bring a waterbottle, as well as any allergy or emergency medicine if needed.
They should wear comfortable clothes to run and jump around in, as well as socks (socks are important for playtime in the FunZone), and athletic shoes.
We do provide snack two times a day that include snacks like; cheese crackers, pretzels, popcorn or vanilla wafers. If your child is staying all day long they should bring a bagged lunch with them. $5 Hot Lunch option at Mill Creek only-Cheese Pizza
Well qualified and trained coaches are with the kids at all times. They love what they do, and are great with kids of all ages!
Coach to camper ratio is:

ages 3-5 = 1:7
ages 6-7 = 1:10
ages 8-12 = 1:15

Campers are grouped primarily by age, but we do take into account individual differences in social and cognitive development. Each group follows specific curriculum designed to meet the needs of the campers.
You should contact the camp coordinator when checking your child in at the front desk. Let them know of any allergies or medication your child may need, such as an EpiPen. They will notify the rest of the staff and have the medicine kept in a safe and centrally located area. Please note that we are unable to assist children in administering their medications.

New turf play area at Arena Sports Issaquah!

Our new turf area is open for camp this summer. Join us at Arena Sports Issaquah to enjoy all the outdoor activities and games we have planned for summer camp. Register online or drop-in and let’s take advantage of the nice weather together!

Our campers are going gaga for GaGa Ball!

What do you get when you play Dodgeball in an enclosed pit? You get Gaga Ball! Gaga ball is a fast-paced game that combines dodging, jumping, running, and striking a soft ball played until just one person is left standing.

Why Gaga Ball?

Why not?! Gaga ball is an intense, yet fun filled activity that keeps kids moving and having fun! Other benefits of Gaga ball are:

  • Gaga ball helps improve physical strength skills and abilities
  • It is great for kids (and adults) of all ages
  • This game instills strategic thinking and decision making skills
  • It promotes agility and physical activity in kids
  • It keeps the children interested and involved, helping them to grow focus and concentration
  • The game helps develop dexterity and hand eye coordination in kids