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Coming November 2019!

Dining at Moe’s Kitchen

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Located inside Arena Sports Redmond

Come experience our convenient and delicious dining option for in-house eating or take it to go! Enjoy gourmet pizzas, fresh tossed salads and chef-inspired appetizers. You can also reward yourself with a frosty glass of beer or a delicious glass of wine after your game.

*Menu subject to change.

Hours of Operation

  • Stay tuned!


French Fries

Truffle Fries

Chicken Strips (3)

Tater Tots

Cajun Tots

Mini Corn Dogs (10)

Tater Tot Nachos (large)
Roasted pulled pork shoulder, cheddar & mozzarella cheese blend, house-made BBQ sauce, ranch, green onions


*Side and full salads available

Grande aged parmesan, lemon, croutons, romaine lettuce

House-made maple vinaigrette, toasted pecans, goat cheese, mixed greens


Pizzas come in 10″ or 16″  |  *House Favorites  |  10″ Gluten free crust option

Grande Mozzarella, Stanislaus tomato sauce

Grande Mozzarella, Stanislaus tomato sauce, pepperoni

Canadian Bacon & Pineapple
Grande Mozzarella, Canadian bacon, pineapple, Stanislaus tomato sauce

Sausage and Peppadew
Grande Mozzarella, sausage, sliced olives, Stanislaus tomato sauce, peppadew peppers

Pesto Chicken
Grande Mozzarella, chicken breast, pesto sauce, fresh tomatoes

Grande Mozzarella, red onions, red peppers, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, pesto sauce

Chicken Bacon Ranch
Grande Mozzarella, chicken breast, bacon, ranch, red onion jam

*Roasted BBQ Pulled Pork
Grande Mozzarella, roasted pulled pork, house-made BBQ sauce, red onion jam, red peppers, green onions

Meat Lovers
Grande Mozzarella, pepperoni, bacon, pulled pork, sausage, red onions, Stanislaus tomato sauce