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Climbing Wall at Arena Sports Mill Creek

We’re taking Mill Creek to new heights in June 2019!

At Arena Sports Mill Creek, Clip ‘n Climb® is a fresh take on the world of traditional climbing. With an auto-belay system, Clip ‘n Climb® provides visitors with a variety of vertical activities all ranging in difficulty and each offering a unique experience. The inventive climbing walls each feature a different challenge and appeal not only to children, but to adults looking for fun. Customers soon become loyal to Clip ‘n Climb® as they find themselves enjoying both the physical test and the unforgettable experience that this activity provides.

Clip n’ Climb® is great for any occasion: drop-in, birthday party, team building activity, corporate event, etc.

Construction Timeline

Construction will start on May 20th. Completion is anticipated by early June. During construction, a majority of the arcade will be closed – laser tag and bowling may also not be available for a limited time.  Please check with a host for updated information. Thank you for your patience! We are eager to bring these new attractions to you!

Clip 'n Climb Features

  • Four, 25-Feet Walls
  • Auto-Belay System
  • Course Names
    • Amazing
    • Big Cheese
    • Cloud 9
    • Aliens

A ropes course is coming too!

Arena Sports Mill Creek’s ropes course, Sky Trail®, is an aerial attraction that is engineered for safety and designed for fun. The attraction consists of elements like suspended bridges, cargo nets, rope ladders, zip line, and more! A participant’s safety is upheld with a full body harness and redundant slingline, which is inserted into the overhead track keeping you connected at all times. Visitors will appreciate the adventurous rush the attraction elicits while they move along at their own pace. It’s an activity that combines family, fitness and fun!

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