Get Back to Play Safely With “Return to Play” PT

New Partnership With Lake Washington Physical Therapy

We are excited to announce a new partnership focused on getting athletes back to their sports after injury. Former Seattle Sounders Head Physical Therapist Heidi Biehl is offering “return to sport” physical therapy sessions that include time on the fields at Arena Sports Redmond. The program’s goal is to reduce athletes’ risk of injury while building confidence to return to recreational, high school, club, college or professional teams.

Who Can Benefit From Return to Sport Physical Therapy?
  • Those who want to supplement current in-clinic therapy – no matter what stage of therapy they are in (beginning to end)
  • Athletes who have completed in-clinic therapy but want next-level therapy that simulates the demands of practices and games prior to returning to their sport
  • Patients with new, old or chronic Injuries that are minor to severe (including foot, ankle, knee, hip and back injuries, muscle strains, fractures, post-surgical ACL/meniscus, and more)
  • Athletes that want to optimize their performance  
In addition to treating athletes that are already in physical therapy or have recently ended in-clinic therapy, Heidi is taking on new patients that want to do their therapy at Arena Sports Redmond.
Interested in talking to Heidi to learn more? Fill out the quick form below. Note: RTP physical therapy patients must have an active Arena Sports membership.

Meet Heidi and learn why RTP physical therapy is important

Contact Heidi About Return to Play PT at Arena Sports Redmond

Want to learn more about Return to Play Physical Therapy and see if you’re a good candidate? Fill out this form to contact Heidi and she will reach out to you.