Adult Soccer League FAQ’s

The Winter 1 session will be a 12-game session and the team cost is $1,625. Note: if your team played in the 2020 Winter II session and had their season interrupted by COVID, you will have a credit on your team roster for the missed games that will be applied towards the next season you register for.

 Here are some of the modifications that we’ll be making to keep our players safe:

  • Masks required at all times.
  • No high fives or handshakes.
  • Boards near the bench area, field entrance doors, player benches and the ball will be sanitized in between games; thorough disinfecting will be done nightly.
  • Game times will be scheduled to minimize players passing one another on their way in/out.
  • Players should not arrive more than 10 minutes before game time.
  • If your team wants to hang out in the lobby after the game, restaurant guidelines apply – maximum of 6 people to a table.
  • Spectators must keep a safe social distance from one another.
  • Referees will wear masks.

To see a comprehensive list of protocols we’ve implemented at our facilities, check out our website.

Masks are optional, but not required while on the field playing. Players on the bench that are not wearing a mask will be given a warning by the ref and will be asked to leave if they refuse to comply. Masks are required for players on the bench.

Games will still be 6 v 6. Each team can have a maximum of 12 players in attendance at each game, so 6 on the field, 6 on the bench.

We understand that everyone will have varying levels of comfort coming back. We are reassured by the fact that in the 34 states where indoor sports facilities have reopened, we have not heard of any reported cases of COVID outbreaks associated with those facilities. 

We have implemented several new protocols to make sure our facilities are safe and made some modifications specific to league play. We are strictly following the reopening guidance set forth by the Governor and doing thorough cleanings on a regular basis. 

Our enormous facility sizes and capacity limitations allow for more square footage per person than a restaurant or retail space (including big box stores). Based on our field sizes, the average square footage per player on the field is 1,300 square feet. As a comparison, on average, a grocery or retail store allows for 150 square feet per person in the entire facility. 

Our HVAC systems are set to the maximum air exchange the systems allow. Weather-permitting, we will open windows, doors and garage doors at the facilities that have them to allow for fresh air intake.

Once Arena Sports is notified that one of our players has tested positive for COVID, we will immediately notify the team of the infected player and the opposing team of the positive test result and evaluate if there are others we need to notify that may be at risk. We will then follow the guidelines and procedures that have been outlined by the CDC and Department of Health.

If games are cancelled due to COVID, we will reschedule them at a later time.

Two women competing in an indoor soccer